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Ancient Dungeon (World)Den of Corrupted NatureAncient Dungeon (Area)Filthblood ShelterAlabaster CitadelHoly HallwayQuestsKill 6 zombiesKill 3 lanternsKill the Executioner (boss)Kill 2 lava spittersKill 6 dark offspringKill the Mysterious Entity (boss)Kill 3 purple magesKill 2 golden paldinsDefeat The Ritualist (boss)Complete the Impious AltarDefeat Adonias - The King's Envoy (boss) with the left elite earing equippedKill Elemiah - the Crow Lady (boss) using only your fistsAltars#Altar of RedemptionRedeemer's curseWeaponsConsumablesBlacksmithSnow-Covered WalkwayThe Guardian - Abyss's JailerThe Queen - Lonely WidowHeraldic LilyWhite bladeAlbino hand from belowRoom 109The Holy TempleFilthblood LibraryRedeemer's AltarBalambAltars#Impious AltarBasilius' guideHezek - The BaptizedHezek's CudgelThe Bloodied PathsGabeRipped off insigniaTemplar's swordIsidore's swordSilver crossPenitent's whipText on magical smitheryAfflicted VillageSkreedSuccubus' swordTemplar's shieldAncient ArmoryTemplar's shieldTemplar's swordLibrarianArmor of the woodsAdonias - The King's EnvoyAdonias' Glinting GladiusCabinet of CuriositiesGenesisJaelRusty keyJailerYounger PrinceSorel's shieldTemplar's armorVlenn's swordThe smith's headThe EnragedLost child's necklaceHoly pagesGiladTravelling volumeAmarisBloodied halberdCrusaders' HavenDarkdevotionmap1-6.jpg
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